Technical Capabilities

Functional Chemicals (Joint Development Activities with Partners)

  • Optical information Storage
  • Florescent Compounds
  • Monomers 

Carbohydrate Chemistry

  • Nucleic Acids Chemistry and its related reagents
  • Glucose Derivatives

Acid/Sulfur Chemistry

(Efficient handling on production scale with multistage scrubber and ETP)

  • POCI3/PCI3/PCI5 Reaction 
  • Bromination 
  • Preparation of Acid Chlorides using thionyl chloride
  • Preparation of Organic Mono/Di Sulfides

Specialised Reaction

  • Phase Transfer Catalysed Reaction
  • Gas-liquid reactions (e.g. Methylamine)
  • Ion Exchange Resin Catalysed

Column Chromatography

  • Handling in pilot plant scale and production plant scale
  • High value-low volume production
  • Solvent Recovery Systems 
  •  Instrumentation support for characterisation